Spoor Just

Just Spoor

Business Consultant Portiva

Name:Just Spoor
Date of birth:27/08/1975
Address:Klaverruiter 61, Poortugaal
I have over twelve years of experience with information and communication technology within different types of companies. Over the past seven years I have developed an increasing interest and focus on Content Management. Microsoft SharePoint is now my main focus. I have performed a number of projects as ECM Consultant, Information and Business Analyst, Functional Designer, Usability Consultant, Trainer and Project Leader, which enables me to operate in a technical as well an organisational environment. I put great importance on complete user acceptance of a system. I consider a project to be successful when communications are handled adequate, on-time and consequently combined with a smooth running project organisation.
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AddressKlaverruiter 61, Poortugaal

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